Mt Shasta Summer Conference : Secret Space Program


Mt Shasta Summer Conference : Secret Space Program on August 26, 2016 in Mount Shasta, CA : Dear Promise Friends and Family,
I am happy to announce we are doubling our fun this summer. Our second conference will be an extra ordinary event. I will suggest if you wish to attend that you purchase your tickets early as this conference is expected to sell out.
I am very blessed to be able to be a liaison for the meeting so many wonderful souls. To be able to provide such a beautiful space, at this special and magical venue in Mt Shasta for second time in one summer is a true honor.
Corey Goode, the #1 insider of the Secret Space Program will be joining us this summer. He will be present to share his knowledge and his experiences with us all on Saturday and Sunday. It is very cool that he will be able to take questions directly from the audience in a Live Q and A.
Corey who is the at this time is one of the most experienced persons in the Secret Space Program to ever come before the public will be headlining this event in a very intimate and unique conference surrounded by nature.
Get ready to hear and support his efforts towards full disclosure. He has asked to share his special mission and I am honored he will release his ideas in Shasta. So many have worked for so long and contributed so much towards the full disclosure efforts that Corey's efforts will find fertile ground. You our guests are invited to participate.
This summer I am also feeling blessed to present Laura Eisenhower who I absolutely adore. Laura has a wonderful presence and her passion for the truth is evident in every presentation she gives.
Her presentation will enlighten you more

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