Morgan Mandala Manley


Morgan Mandala is a Visionary Artist and Performance Painter based near Boulder, Colorado. Her vibrant paintings are known to evoke spiritual, emotional, and physical responses. Saturated colors, sacred geometry, meditations, and visions manifest themselves in magical forms through geometric mandalas and sacred surreal landscapes. Influenced also by color vibrational healing, Morgan Mandala’s paintings are created with the intent of inspiring beneficial reactions within a viewer; to awaken love, vision, healing, and recognition of The Unity of all multiplicities.

“My art is a visual metaphor of our Infinite Interconnectedness; a glimpse of a timeless space where the veils of separation are lifted, simultaneously exposing all levels of reality as ONE network of BEING. Mandalas are graphic symbols representing the universe in it’s entirety – the interlacing of the macro- and microcosm – a reflection of each viewer, and a reflection of us all together. I am a translator of the language of spirits into color; transmuter of energy into form; transformer of material objects into spiritual reflections. To my highest ability, I paint as a tool serving the Divine, delivering visually comprehendible messages to our Earthly realm, and inspiring individuals to recognize the divine within themselves.” ~ Morgan Mandala