Morgan Le Fay

Level I Tantrika


My name is Morgan le Fay. It would be my absolute pleasure and honor to serve up love to you as a Temple priestesses in a sacred environment.
I live my life with intention, demonstrated through my daily practices; yoga, meditation, honoring my body with nutritious clean foods, and expression of creativity through one or more of my favorite mediums. Some of which include, writing, dancing, cooking, crystal healing, tarot reading, singing/playing instruments, painting, gardening.
Some of my  hands on experiences includes crystal healing, chakra alignment, intuitive massage, reiki, intuitive readings led by tarot and astrology. I have a background in nutrition and plant medicine studies, which I am currently continuing education for. I have an awareness of the emotional energy centers of the body which I have attained through my own personal studies, and which I always implement whenever doing any sort of energy work or body work.
Holistic health and healing are my passions. I intend to continue my studies in many different forms of healing, both physical, energetic, and spiritual. My desire to learn and grow as a Tantric Dakini is of the most sincere and genuine nature.
My desire is to radiate divine feminine healing presence, through the service of holding space and intention. To bring the gift of heart centered compassion. I am a woman who is led by intuition and passion, both of which have brought me to Temple seeking to be apart of this Collective.
Have the most beautiful day!
Kundalini Bliss Massage & Tantric Bodywork