Moon Devi

Level I Tantrika


Visiting dakini

It is in my heart to heal and burn the fires of truth for all to feel. I am a practicing lover and weaver of new pathways for your body and mind to walk down by my hands and presence.

I am here to teach and give thru loving presence. Those meant to find my hands will. I will re-wild you and connect you home to your most primal essence. We will bring back the natural beauty that is you.
Moon Devi
If you tune in you can feel an intense shift towards a more feminine energy on a cosmic level, and I am here to guide you towards that warm, glowing, light.

My goal is to shine love into all of the darkest corners of your being and to help energy move throughout all of your sacred chakras so that you leave the temple feeling more connected to yourself, others, and the universe.

Tantra is my life and my gift.
I was born to guide you home into your body.

Sensations and depth are my magic.

I want to melt the barriers that this world has immaturely placed upon you and your relationship to yourself. Presence and patience are my gifts to you and wherever your at in relationship to the layers of love expression.

I am a sword of truth. It’s my mission to bring clarity and feeling to what has been disconnected from and forgotten.

Holistic Tantra Teaching Certified 2016 -2020

I Bliss Course on Energy 2018-2019

Tantric Alchemy Course  by Nikka Karli completed in 2019

Over 200 hours in meditation education

including 10 day Vipassana May 2019 Makena Maui

From my soul to yours, I love you and I am here fully to show up for you.
In humble loving service,
Moon Devi