Megan Minx

Level I Tantrika


Newport Beach, Ca

Blessings Beautiful Souls,

I offer myself to you as a new Dikini. An instrument of love & light, here to assist along your journey to bliss.

Well-being begins in the depths of the mind. It rises from the knowledge of who you are as a person, where your passions lie, & what makes you feel most at peace. My gift, is allowing these messages to be channeled through me.

Ritualization of the mundane invites the mind to settle into the body. During my service, I intuitively guide you to surrender in delight & connect with the deepest parts of yourself. Unlocking the gates to The Temple within, to co-create a sacred container for divine awakening & profound connection.

Continually training to expand my practice & better serve you, I look forward to connecting & invite you to enjoy a session with me soon.


Megan Minx