Maya Celeste

Level III Tantrika


Thank you for taking the plunge into self care and exploration. I am so honored you found your way to me to heal and be at ease. With me, you will quiet your mind and allow your body and spirit to align for a sensory experience you will not soon forget!

My joy of life and love as well as my natural healing presence allows me to be adventurous and playful while attuning to you completely. I will integrate a myriad of techniques from around the planet (and beyond!) into your session. Cleansing and balancing your energy empowers you to release the tension built up inside of your being so you leave the temple in a state of clarity, buoyancy and refreshing new light.

Join me for a session to recharge! I am here for you and your needs. My specialty is Tantra, and I am a highly qualified body worker for all of your therapeutic and deep tissue needs as well.

I welcome couples seeking something more. To connect deeper, whatever that may mean to you. I am available for tantra sessions, to teach massage, coaching and love guidance and more. We will curate sessions to everyone's comfort to provide a safe and loving container. It is a wonderful gift to give each other and the relationship to honor time and energy to learn and share together.

My practice is open and encouraged for women in need of tenderness and expansion. Trust that you are in a safe container and you are free to explore, release trauma, and be vulnerable in an environment created for healing and growth.

My sessions infuse my training background of Reiki, Buddhism, Tantra, holistic healing, massage therapy (deep and relaxation), traditional Chinese medicine, somatic healing, and a life well lived.

I suggest a minimum 90 minute Tantra session and encourage longer as we have many things to cover. It is a true gift to give yourself the time to drop in deeply and reset. A loving journey and awakening is available for us all when we are ready, and what a wonderful world it is that has brought us to the same place today to share a moment in time.

~*~I look forward to our session together and encourage you to let yourself get lost in my touch~*~

In gratitude and kindness,
Maya Celeste

I am available to Men, Women, Couples, Groups

Tantric Bodywork, Kundalini Bliss Massage, Purely Therapeutic Massage, Coaching

10yrs: 2008-18 ongoing of intentional ceremony, alchemy, reiki certification 1 through 3, moon and astral guidance and prayer, growth workshopping, breath-work,
-5 years of intense trauma counseling on site at burning man, psychedelic harm reduction at festivals all over Canada (usually 5 months straight)
-5 years of running a BM camp based vibrant energy bodies, growth, expression and well you know Chakralicious...& 7 years of festivals / mostly transformational (Inshala, Entheos, SoulPlay, Shambhala)
-4 years of living in San Francisco, taking workshops on Non-Violent Communication, pujas, society of janus, attending events and play parties, and performing arts (burlesque, activism, cabaret etc)
-9 years personal yoga, energy, and meditation practice
-9 years of Buddhism in the focus of Mahayana, bodhisattva vows and devotion (my given name is Anandi Prajna)
-9 years of off and on vipassana meditation, did a 7 month solo walk about of SE Asia studying Buddhists and their culture, lived short term on a farm that did 2hr sits every morning pre dawn
-5 years of personal interest in TantraBond and sacred Surrender/ 1.5 yrs of practice w clients
-5 years of massage, chinese medicine, alternative bodywork therapy and personal training
-4 years certified holistic health coach, partial owner of organic health food store, vegan chef, nutrition and health workshops and coaching
-Currently: certified personal trainer in Human Foundations (therapy based on posture and anatomy)

-9 years of medicine journeying and ceremony, sweat lodges, cacao ceremony, shamanistic healing and all of the occult and outer space

-Participant in BreathWave meditation, WimHof meditation, and many other modalities of breath focused meditation
-5 years of my holistic wellness company, ecstatic dance, intentional events, ..

-Workshop w Francessca Gentille in SF - Somatic Healing of Men ~ 2016
-Weekend workshop w Charles Muir in Santa Monica ~ 2017