Marilyn Anand

Level II Tantrika


Newport Beach, Ca

I believe by healing our bodies and minds we experience a deeper connection to our own Spirit and Source.. to Love.
I am here as a guide, healer and muse. Allow me to create the perfect healing experience for your journey back to your Sat Nam --back to your True Identity! With my calm and grounding voice we will shift into the receiving state of surrender,  activation and transformation. And through my heartfelt, intuitive touch we will allow your body to find it’s natural state of comfort, ease, and bliss.
My sessions will be channeled for whatever the present moment is asking of us, that may include yogic movements, reiki, song, loving touch, play or unwinding onto relaxation.
It is my absolute joy to share my personal gifts with you. It is my heart’s deepest prayer that you can experience and know the perfect Love that is within your own Being. I look forward to co-creating something magical with you