Lena Evonne

Level II Tantrika


I am an intuitive healer, artist, performer, "instrument of the divine",  priestess of the sacred way... and I am here to serve.
Every person is a snowflake made of the same core fibers yet uniquely different, glorious, and gifted. My magic grants me the ability to talk to your body, while like whispers in the breeze you call out to me ~ and by my nature I hear and receive.
Those I am meant to touch will find me. My hands glide across your skin, your chakras, your being. My soul is a vessel of loving light to shine thru. I explore your vessel and intake vibrations and energetic sensations, all while sweetly smiling upon your face in unconditional acceptance.
Guided by light my body delights for the chance to heal and be healed for we are the teacher and the student. The practice of intimacy building techniques naturally taps us into one of the most sacred of spaces.
As we face each other and as we embrace the moment, the breath…the deep eye gazing… we feel as if we’ve been here before.
Containers of mass quantities of infinite light… we are alive, electric, & joyfully ecstatic.
Feel the tingling movement of life force running from you to me. Without a word…we drop in… breath pulls us deeper into trust, compassion, and understanding.
Once this occurs my gift…my offering ignites.
In Holy Love,
Lena Evonne