Lana Brooke


Greetings Sacred Seekers,

I welcome you to our Temple of enchantment.  I am here to be your priestess of loving beauty and guide you into empowerment and healing bliss.  Sweetly, with care, tenderness and expertise, I invite your opening heart and awakening mind to dive deep into the mysteries of your soul and body through tenderness and freedom to express.  You are invited to join me in practices of breath work, meditation, visualization and  Kundalini movement.  I offer you my deep listening and gentle guidance towards meeting your desired intentions.

In Devotion to Awakening,

Lana Brooke

Available for:
Body of Bliss Massage, Tantric Ecstatic Bodywork, Couples Bliss & Couples Tantra, TantraTies

& Purely Therapeutic Offerings:
Shamanic Temple Bodywork, Private Yoga

Certified Massage Therapist 16+ years, Yoga and Meditation Practitioner, Dancer, Artist, Intuitive Healer, Tantra Priestess