Kunlun: Path of no more learning

Kunlun: Path of no more learning on August 13, 2016 in Los Altos, CA : KUNLUN GROUP PRACTICE IN LOS ALTOS
with apprentice Alex Thurmon and Ruthie Steinfeld
3:0 0 Doors open at Q & A
3:30 Practice starts
COST: 20$
About Kunlun:
-Activate Dormant Spiritual Potentials
-Transmute Your ‘Shadow Side'
-Increase Inner Strength & Focus
-Self-Awakening Is Attainable Max Christensen's KUNLUN® system is a formerly secret group of practices from ancient Taoist traditions in China. Together, they form some of the most powerful teachings and techniques for spiritual awakening ever developed on earth. Until recently, it was known to just a few temples in the mountains of western China. The KUNLUN® System is a rare Taoist alchemy practice that is a very powerful form of self-enlightenment.
KUNLUN® Method practices are the tools one can use to access magnetic potentials of the body that result in the transmutation of one's ‘shadow side', development of dormant super-potentials within the brain and the purification of the various toxins held in the physical and non-physical bodies. With this system, we are able to absorb up to 10 times more bodily energy than a normal person. Practicing the first level of the KUNLUN System regularly will purify the entire body as the 72,000 nadis are toned and cleared by the psychic heat generated. Health improves and maladies dissipate. The resultant purification causes one's consciousness to realize its true relationship to Life and God. This is the Tao.
This art is for those seeking direct experience. It is common for practitioners in this tradition to experience spontaneous movements, kriyas, crying, laughing, breathless states, manifestations of light, 3rd Eye opening or intense bliss states as part of their purification. This cleansing permits the merging of the microcosm and the macrocosm. It is through the ...read more

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