October 26, 2017

Surrender – The Fire of Commitment
Trika Shaivism: Kundalini Meditation and Shakti Transmission Intensive
October 26-29, 2017
This 4-day immersion will be taught by Swami Khecaranatha.With a mastery etched from over 45 years of disciplined inner practice and selfless service, Khecaranatha is an authentic adept of Trika Shaivism in the Shakti Transmission Lineage of Bhagavan Nityananda and Swami Rudrananda.
Kundalini Meditation & Shakti Transmission
Swami Khecaranatha leads silent and guided meditations, teaches powerful meditation techniques, and gives shakti transmission.
Tantric Shaivism Teachings
Swami Khecaranatha elucidates the essence of the extraordinary teachings of ancient Trika Shaivism. In these discussions and question and answer sessions he explains the process, challenges, and rewards of spiritual work.
Retreat Fee: $375 (includes program and meals)
First time participants pay $325. New Students: Required Introductory Presentation, 6 PM, Thursday, October 26
Advance registration only: See https://trikashala.com/calendar/8-the-fire-of-commitment for PayPal link or call 510-529-4173 to register and use credit card.