Kristen Hoffmann & Shambhu!


Kristen Hoffmann & Shambhu! on November 26, 2016 in San Rafael, CA : This evening pairs two extraordinary artists and friends who are performing together for the first time: Kristin Hoffmann & Shambhu. Kristin is the vo calist with Bella Gaia. Shambhu is a brilliant guitarist/composer who creates a soaring music of the heart.
Shambhu will open with his new CD release "Soothe", and will be joined by Premik Russell Tubbs, Michael Manring, Frank Martin and special guests Todd Boston, Jeff Oster and Kristin, of course.
Many of you heard Kristin Hoffman as the vocalist with Bella Gaia last year. Rather than a superb vocalist who happens to write a few songs, Kristin is an incredibly prolific singer/songwriter who lives in New York - and sings with Bella Gaia!
Her concerts are transformative, inspiring events that are both unforgettable and mind-blowing. With numerous albums, performances and star appeal over the past decade, it's a joy to present her in the Bay Area at TMS Performing Arts Center Nov 26, in a “Gratitude” evening that's sure to shine.
*** tickets on sale now! ***
Kristin and Shambhu will play separate sets,and both will be joined by Premik Russell Tubbs, an extraordinary soprano sax and wind synthesizer player. Shambhu's band includes Premik, Michael Manring, Frank Martin and special guests Todd Boston, Jeff Oster and, of course, Kristin Hoffmann on various songs! Watch & Listen to Kristin or!
"My goal is to spread love, light, peace and truth into the world through the vehicles of music & energetic frequency." - Kristin
Starting at the age of 4, ethereal renaissance pop songstress and multi-instrumentalist Kristin Hoffmann began building a prolific career that reads like a lifetime achievement award speech. In addition to stints at major record labels and song placements on hit TV shows like Dawson's Creek and Palmetto more

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