Kamila Thea

Level I Tantrika


Newport Beach, Ca

I am a dancer , yogini, massage therapist , holistic health practitioner and traveler. I was born and raised in Southern California near the ocean.
In my early childhood, playing and swimming in the ocean introduced me to a love and respect for all things wild and free.
I am known to go with the flow and I believe in exploring the unseen energies below the surface of our every day experiences to allow a deeper understanding and create connections.
At a very young age I began taking tribal fusion belly dancing classes and yoga . Dancing in such an ancient way connecting to my feminine presence opened my eyes to seeing sensuality as sacred and as a tool for healing.
I have unknowingly practiced tantra for many years without putting a name to it.  It was only until recent years I have discovered tantra is the name of the pathway I’ve been diving deeper into. I wish to create an experience that facilitates healing within you and brings you closer to yourself. Allow my creative , intuitive , and kind energy to dance with yours ! 
Thank You,