Ka Amorastreya


Kathryn “Ka” June (Amorastreya) began her artistic journey as a child, filling the vast landscapes of west Texas with her flourishing imagination. After her schooling, she pursued the healing arts and worked as an energetic and massage therapist for 10 years. While recognizing her gift in healing, she followed her passion to help others by learning to express beauty through visual and visceral means. Ka’s awakening nurtured her innate talent for creating with the gifts of nature. Over many years she has honed the craft of merging animal medicines and earthen treasures into ceremonial tools, sacred costume and adornment. Picking up the brush and palette for the first time in 2002, Ka recognized that she had a profound gift. With this new form of expression, she began to delve deep into her heart, bringing forth powerful visions, unveiling mysteries of life and love. Meanwhile, she developed her expressive talents in the performance arts, and has danced and offered her art at events and galleries internationally for the past decade. Ka is also a founding director of the Visionary Arts Foundation.