Jai Uttal Ecstatic Chant Kirtan

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Jai Uttal Ecstatic Chant Kirtan on June 3, 2016 in Sebastopol, CA : Kirtan with Jai Uttal
PeaceWave presents a special evening of Kirtan with world-renowned, grammy-nominated artist Jai Uttal with Daniel Paul and Praj na Vieira June 3rd in Sebastopol.
Jai Uttal is a Grammy nominated pioneer in the world music community. His eclectic east meets-west sound has put his music at the forefront of the world fusion movement. Jai Uttal's musical roots embrace a rich variety of cultures and traditions that span the globe and the centuries. From the hillbilly music of the Appalachian Mountains to the passionate strains of Bengali street singers, from the haunting rhythms and melodies of ancient India to contemporary electric rock sounds, Jai's music distills the essence of diverse musical forms.
2011 saw the release of two new albums, "Queen of Hearts" (Nutone), a unique mixture of reggae, ska, and samba rhythms, used as a backdrop for call and response, dance-oriented kirtan; as well as "Kirtan Kids" (Sounds True), the first record of its ?kind, created for families to sing, laugh, dance, and celebrate?life together through call-and-response singing. His latest recording, "Return to Shiva Station: Kailash Connection," is a wholly new album re-envisioning his groundbreaking "Shiva Station," bringing the listener closer to the music itself with unadorned, intimate arrangements that illuminate directly the spiritual heart of each composition.
Jai adds, "World music is music from everywhere. Music that creates bridges. Music that unites hearts and cultures. Music that brings peace."
Fulbright Award winning Tabla drummer Daniel Paul has played a lifetime of world music with many diverse artists who share his love for the sacred music of India. From the strictly classical musicians and dancers of the Ali Akbar College of Music, to the modern techno-laced chants of Lost at Last, and ...read more

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