Indra Lynx

Level III Tantrika


I’m a Certified Embodiment Bodyworker and Somatica trained Relationship Coach.

I’ve traveled and studied in nearly 20 countries including Thailand, India and Nepal. Through my travels I’ve gained a knowledgable mind and a compassionate heart.

In my bodywork sessions I skillfully integrate Thai massage, body contact and sacred dance. I offer exquisite presence, authentic connection and creative touch.

With curated music playlists and rhythmic movement, it’s my joy to nurture you back to bliss.

If you desire even deeper transpersonal exploration, I’m also available for focused coaching sessions.

Some of the areas we can work with in the realm of love and relationships include..

-Enthusiastically welcoming your deepest longings

-Overcoming relationship challenges

-Moving beyond shame

-Calling in satisfying and authentic relationships

-Changing unhealthy emotional patterns

-Communicating your needs and boundaries

Whatever your intention is, I invite you to into this space of nurturing, exploration and connection with me.

I look forward to embarking on this journey together.