How Weird Street Faire


How Weird Street Faire on May 1, 2016 in San Francisco, CA : Start the festival season off with a healthy portion of art, music, dancing, shopping, eating, drinking, and a whole lot more at the 17th annual How W eird Street Faire!
Enjoy 10 stages of cutting-edge electronic dance music, an expaned Art Alley, aerial artists above the center intersection, and live bands along the new walkway on 1st Street. Located in the emerging heart of downtown San Francisco.
You are invited to participate in the fun. Come in colorful costume as your true self.
Explore the many ways we can identify ourselves and how we can all live together in peace. This year's faire celebrates diversity and multiculturalism. Join us as we gather once again to dance in the streets, be inspired by art, shop exotic stores, make new friends and greet old ones, and appreciate each other's differences at the most diverse gathering this planet has ever seen... a cosmic stew of creative expressions and unique perspectives.
Enjoy all that the faire has to offer!
The price of the Magic Sticker is $20. You can get the Magic Sticker at the entrances to the faire. The Magic Sticker comes with lots of discounts and savings, fun activities, and many free things. Use it at all of the faire vendors and bars, including $2 off each alchoholic drink. It is your way to support the faire, and get something great back in return... more magic than ever before. The Magic Sticker is your ticket to a world of fun and adventure, and it makes you look great.
See all of the benefits...
We recommend getting a presale Magic Sticker. Save money, save time when you arrive while avoiding the long lines, and show your early support for the faire. Presale more

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