Healing Journey to John of God in Brazil

March 1, 2015

Join me on a healing journey to John of God, an extraordinary spiritual healer in Abadiania, Brazil. A full trance psychic medium, João Teixeira de Faria, or John of God as he is fondly known, has healed millions of people from around the world for over 50 years.

John of God channels over 30 highly evolved Beings of Light and Love, known as Entities, who perform spiritual healing as a service to humanity. People have been healed from all possible illnesses and ailments, even those commonly perceived as terminal or incurable such as cancer, AIDS, or blindness. You do not have to be physically ill to go—many go for emotional or psychological healing and spiritual guidance.
People receive
* physical healing
* emotional, psychological, and mental healing
* spiritual and karmic healing
* spiritual guidance
* life mission and purpose
* help with practical, financial, and relationship issues
* learn to co-create and manifest
* clearing of attachments
* developing spiritual and psychic gifts

Dates: June 1-13, 2015