Sola Cura

Level II Healer


My name is Sola Cura, ruled by Venus + earth; my heart is synced into the senses. I encourage you to ground into your being, ignite your inner liberation, and rest easy into the radiance that is you.

My touch is intuitive and nourishing. I help others embody a reverence of love, warmth, and grounding.

It’s with my heart + service to be a vessel to you and with you. Let’s explore, uplift, and radiate the true essence of our hearts. I’m on my path, feel incredibly in tune with the body, of my own firstly and of others.

I have been working with plant medicine, hands on touch, and healing for over 7 years. I had the blessing of moving to India, studying Ayurveda- and becoming an Ayurvedic Practitioner.  I also run a product line of Ayurvedic herbal Oils that I curate, cook, and make myself.

Certified Ayervedic Practitioner ~ Certified Ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage

Women's care & Pregnancy Massage ~ Tantra Trained with Maya Celeste