Skyler Lake


Greetings Beloveds,

I bow before the precious expression of God that is uniquely manifesting through you.
In loving devotion to the Beloved Oneness that illuminates this play of existence, I will adorn the divine consciousness interpenetrating through our bodies with the light of my feminine essence. I welcome you home, with all my warmth, fully into this gift of a sanctuary where one can dissolve and awaken from the illusion of separation. I surrender myself into the deepest and most exalted embodiment of what it means to be truly transparent, where all thats left to expose is the radiance of Love's presence, to envelop us together in the sacred panacea of gorgeous grace flowing from the source of creation to drench our experience in ecstatic beauty. There is a secret garden blooming inside of me that I would like to offer up through my heart and my hands to touch & transform your life from within.

I invite you to enjoy a private session with me!

Bless, Skyler Lake

Skilled in: Chakra Balancing, Guided Relaxation Meditation, Restorative Yoga, TM, Tantra, Sri Vidya Goddess Worship, Massage, Reiki, Sound Healing, Cacao Ceremonies, Energy Clearing, Healing Arts & Sacred Wellness. *I have been holding sound and guided meditations every Sunday and I am currently studying plant medicine with a shaman.


April 2017 - 5 week course completed:
The Roots of Temple Body Arts guided by Sofiah Thom.
Creative Movement Arts Journey to Harness your Feminine Confidence, Wisdom &  Sacred Embodiment. 

I learned to create a positive relationship with the body through tantra yoga, expressive movement, meditation, & mantra - with emphasis on the Chakras energy clearing & energy healing.

July 17-November 19, 2017: Completed an Introduction to Sri Vidya - Shakti Tantra - Chakra Mantra Module I. Including chakra awareness, mantra meditation and deity worship.  

This course taught me a much deeper knowledge about Tantra, giving a new meaning to this work and it's ancient lineage. I found the connection to body mind & spirit full of beauty & undeniable truth. This course was merely an introduction, a taster, intended for my own practice and embodiment and not for teaching.

I do feel however that this course has enriched my Tantra knowledge & given me some powerful tools to work with both in healing others & personal growth. Using Mantra, Chakra, Mandala, Sound, Meditation, Sadhana, Diety Worship to create a space of divine worship & sacred wellness.