Selena Moon

Level III Tantrika


Greetings Divine Being,

My name is Selena Moon. Selene originates from my Mediterranean origin, as she is the Grecian Goddess of the Moon, who is intuitive by nature and governs the element of water.

My sessions dance and play in the realm of my Mediterranean ancestry.  I have visited the ancient temples of Greece and Southern Sicily and received teachings native to that land. My sessions pull from the linage of Southern European Earth based practices, Shamanic, & Neo-Tantric techniques and philosophies, all while embodying the archetype of a true Goddess, Dakini and Shamanic healer.

I am an intuitive body worker, Dakini (tantric priestess) & sentient being by nature. I am walking on a shamanic medicine path. Each of my sessions are exceptionally different and
first and foremost, it is all depending upon your preference of session that I offer, our connection, and what is most comfortable and of interest to you.

We will work in the realm of the senses and in the realm of spirit as we work to relinquish old patterns of the mind, breathing together as we invite new patterns and ways of being into our bodies.

I gladly invite and welcome any woman / man /couple / transgender folk to
journey with me in exploring any of my following Sacred Temple offerings:

Tantric Bodywork:
This is my preferred, specialty session. I work in the realm of many different tantric
traditions and lineages, and most specifically, Margot Anand's Sky Dancing Tantra,
which works in the realm of activating blissful states through engaging the bodily senses through various types of movements synched to the breath. This session is more of a mutual experience as we work together, face to face, in integrating different tantric yoga breath techniques and asanas (Sanskrit equivalent to postures). These postures we do together are very easily accessible and there is no need for flexibility! We will be working with subtle movements, eye gazing, and learning various breath work techniques that activate the various energetic centers in the body. Through the breath and our movement together, we will heighten energy and learn to direct it in various energetic centers in the body for greater healing  while engaging, and opening the heart.

(Sacred Water cleansing can be incorporated into this session)
Preferred minimum time for a tantric bodywork session is 90 minutes.

Shamanic Temple Bodywork: (Purely Therapeutic)
This session is specifically designed for clearing / extracting energetic blockages
and stagnancies in the body, mind, and spirit. Similar to the Body of Bliss massage,
you will be deeply receiving as we work in the realm of sound and mantra, water
and essentials oils to create room for energy to flow and purify the body.

Tantra over Tea:
I suggest this offering to those of you who are seeking a session that is designed
specifically for you. Over tea, we will explore your interests and intentions together. This is an opportunity to talk and share your heart in a very comfortable setting. Often in sessions, questions & thoughts arise, and it is best in sessions to "be in the experience" and not engage in conversation so that you may fully experience the journey in its fullest.
In Tantra over Tea, we will get to know one another as we work to create a prayer/set intentions for your life and/or for our future session together as we learn what you wish to embody through neo-tantric / shamanic
bodywork & practices.

Many Sacred Blessings to you and looking forward to connecting,

Selena Moon

I am a Tantric Priestess on the Dakini Path now for five years (January 2014). I am a certified Reiki healer and Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga instructor, and I am currently enrolled in graduate school at California Institute of Integral Studies, undergoing training as a certified Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT). In addition to this, I partake in local shamanic ceremonies with the Native American Church to more deeply understand and integrate my practices as shamanic woman, energy healer, bodyworker, and spiritual counselor. I have also participated in Shamanic ceremonies with the Grandmother, Aya. I have received Tantric Training with Queen Love & others in the Temple, and Tantric Workshops which include Margot Anand's Skydancing Tantra.

Available for: Tantric Bodywork, Couples Sessions & Shamanic Temple Bodywork


9/14/17 BLESSING SHAKTI: Poems, blessings, stones, fruit, flowers, flower waters, prayers, songs. Bringing our magic together in to the Shakti Cauldron to activate our Collective grid for continued blessings, protection, guidance and fulfillment. Led by Queen Love, Sound Activation by Sasha Nicole