Satya Sun


Take my hand in this overwhelming metropolis and let me lead you to your heart. As a NYC native, I understand the stress that can wear on ones body and soul. I believe that vulnerability and feminine energy is greatly lacking in this culture. In my own life I have seen first hand how touch, breath and sound has the power to transform me faster and more powerfully than western talk therapy ever has. With a background in acting, drama therapy and dance, I know that creative expression is in all of us. Let me help you get in touch with the artist in you, a source of divine, abundant empathy and energetic fire!

My offerings are a combination of deep tissue lomi lomi message, oceanic breathing and serene imagery tailored to your imagination! Allow yourself to melt into relaxation!

My Tantric Bodywork Session is co-created, magical time away from the mundane reality! Together, we will reconnect with infinite reality through conscious touch, breath, body mechanics, movement, eye-gazing, surrender...Allow yourself to experience deeper intimacy and learn more about your body’s capacity for bliss.

Open your heart and receive me as you would receive the light of the Sun: drink me in with every breath, through every pore. Allow my loving intentions to bring you home to yourself.

In Bliss, 

Satya Sun

I have Temple Dakini experience (started September, 2016) - and 1.5 Tantra Initiation trainings each with Shanti Maya and Queen Love.

Purely Therapeutic Offerings