Satya Sun

Level III Healer


Video Calls

Take my hand in this overwhelming metropolis and let me lead you to your heart. As a NYC native, I understand the stress that can wear on ones body and soul. I believe that vulnerability and feminine energy is greatly lacking in this culture. In my own life I have seen first hand how touch, breath and sound has the power to transform me faster and more powerfully than western talk therapy ever has. With a background in acting, drama therapy and dance, I know that creative expression is in all of us. Let me help you get in touch with the artist in you, a source of divine, abundant empathy and energetic fire!

My  Bliss Temple Bodywork is a combination of deep tissue lomi lomi message, oceanic breathing and serene imagery tailored to your imagination! Allow yourself to melt into relaxation!

My Tantric Bodywork Session is co-created, magical time away from the mundane reality! Together, we will reconnect with infinite reality through conscious touch, breath, body mechanics, movement, eye-gazing, surrender...Allow yourself to experience deeper heart & soul intimacy and learn more about your body’s capacity for bliss.

Open your heart and receive me as you would receive the light of the Sun: drink me in with every breath, through every pore. Allow my loving intentions to bring you home to yourself.

In Bliss, 

Satya Sun

Bliss Temple Bodywork, Tantric Bodywork, Couples Sessions, Purely Therapeutic Offerings

-Temple Dakini experience (started September, 2016) - and Tantra Initiation trainings each with Queen Love and a previous Temple Tantra Teacher, as well as many doubles with other Temple Dakinis, learning from each other.

-Helped Facilitate as a Temple Guardian at a Shamanic Tantric Daylong workshop with Holy Love at Om Rising Yoga Festival in October 2018.

-Currently  Temple Guardian of New York Priestess Circles.

-Attuned in level one Reiki, specifically geared toward healing lower chakra trauma. 
-Tao Tantra 101 course with a focus on jade eggs. 
-Puja workshop focused on tantra and ritual arts.
-Two bhavana visualization courses focused on finding intention and manifesting wellness through breath and meditation. 
-Private chakra/breath session designed to help create a sadhana practice with a private coach.