Sandi Jöy

Level II Healer


I have been blessed to serve you on this path to a deeper understanding of self worth and desire.

My journey has always been nurturing and loving. Upon our encounter you will instantly be aware of this. Seeing the divine in everyone and everything is a major concept of Tantra. It transforms illusion into clarity and removes superficial masks that blind us from having more authentic relationships with ourselves. When cultivated and channeled properly, it has the capacity to enhance and heal every layer of our being (physical, energetic, emotional and mental)

In our sessions prepare to peel away the rough layers to join together for a beautiful experience filled with love and devotion. 

I help men, women and couples access the transformational potential of their innermost selves opening them to a deeper connection with their body. 

Every session is carefully tailored to each individual. 

I believe in the power of conscious sexuality to shift the way men and women relate to one another, ultimately contributing to a shift toward a vibrant awakened state. 

My mission is to show people the way towards rich and fulfilled life, towards the experience of divine bliss that is available to ALL of us, not just the selected few and not just for a short period of time.

My passion is Love, I surround myself with Love and share it abundantly

It is my great honor to guide others to own their true selves, to help them feel at home in their bodies, at peace with their own desires.

Come sail away into a touch that has been perfected over the years.


National holistic institute. Completed 720 hour program.
Specializing is Swedish, shiatsu, Lomi lomi, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, sports massage, energy work

Hypnotherapy training institute in Corte Madera
4 courses completed for hypnotherapy and NLP

Reiki level 2 studied in San Antonio at integrative healing institute

Breathing workshops at beyoga
Led by Elizabeth D’Aiello