Michelle Oshun

Level III Healer


Video Calls

Hi there, my name is Michelle Oshun.

I’m an experienced Priestess who is on this planet to bring healing, sweetness, and beauty to our busy, often disconnected, modern world.

I’m a former techie turned yogini, tantrika, and shaman.

You can find me skinny dipping in rivers, hugging redwood trees in the forest, and blissfully frolicking in the ocean. 

After years of sitting crunched over at the computer all day, my body and spirit cried out in pain that inspired me to learn practices to help me stay young, feel better in my body, & more emotionally fulfilled. And part of my healing was also changing career paths to become a healer.

After 10 years of trainings and education in various healing and counseling modalities,  it is now my joy to hold space for you on your journey of awakening.

You can come see me for bodywork and energy work that will induce deep states of relaxation, peace, and feeling held in connection and loving presence by the divine feminine.

Or maybe you’re a fellow seeker on a path of personal growth and transformation… if so, I invite you to bring your full self and goals for your emotional, relational, physical, and spiritual development, and book a coaching session with me!

I offer:

  • Tantra Meditation & Bodywork: TANTRIC BODYWORK
  • Bliss Activation Trance Massage: KUNDALINI BLISS MASSAGE
  • Love, Dating & Relationship Coaching (2 years training in Somatic Relationship & Intimacy Coaching)
  • Shamanic Healing (6 yrs training & practice)
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Life Coaching
  • Musical Therapy (a form of counseling where we use singing with my ukelele to work through issues and express emotions)
  • Sound Healing  (deep vibrational healing using Tibetan Bowls, Shamanic Drumming, Tuning Forks, Chimes, & Chanting) 
  • Reiki Energy Healing
  • Cuddle Therapy
  • EcoTherapy (i take you to the woods and we meditate, snuggle, and play)
  • Private Yoga & Meditation (Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher)
  • Holistic Wellness Coaching (holistic treatments for physical health issues)

**Note: For musical therapy and sound healing, please request 24+ hrs in advance so I can bring my instruments**

In addition to being gifted with touch and energy work, I'm also a bookworm with a Master's Degree who would happily talk philosophy with you all day! I am well-read on the philosophy of tantra, and can help you understand and contextualize your experiences and provide resources to learn more, in a Tantra Over Tea session.

My clients often say they didn’t know exactly what they were getting into, or what they were coming to me for… they just felt called to show up, and were then amazed with the depth of our work and the transformation and growth they have experienced!

I specialize in working with:

  • Young men (20s & 30s) who are in their Saturn Return (when big changes happen in life)
  • People in mid-life crisis, or feeling blah & needing a change
  • Lone wolves, geeks, techies, and geniuses who want to get as good at Feelings and Embodiment as they are at code, finance, or science
  • Serious bad-asses who want a sassy lady who can keep up
  • Men and women seeking healing from trauma
  • Singles and couples who are curious to learn about Tantra
  • Alpha females who want to de-stress and connect with their feminine side again
  • Women who are interested to learn Tantra from another woman
  • Spiritual seekers who want help connecting their physicality to their spirituality through the study of Tantra
  • Men who have dipped a toe into yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and want to go deeper
  • Anyone curious about tantra, magic, or shamanism
  • Folks who want to get off technology and back to nature more

Oh, and are you curious about my name? As a Priestess,  I’ve taken the names of two of my favorite goddesses as a way of honoring them and working with their energy….

Oshun (pronounced “oh-shoon”) is an African goddess of rivers, sensuality, and singing, similar to Aphrodite from the Greek tradition. Ixhcel (pronounced “ee-shell”) is the Mayan rainbow goddess of the moon, weaving, and midwifery. It could be said that she is a midwife to transformation.

 If you are feeling drawn to me… It’s probably meant to be. Let’s see where we want to go together…


9/14/17 BLESSING SHAKTI: Poems, blessings, stones, fruit, flowers, flower waters, prayers, songs. Bringing our magic together in to the Shakti Cauldron to activate our Collective grid for continued blessings, protection, guidance and fulfillment. Led by Queen Love, Sound Activation by Sasha Nicole