Malia Marie

Level II Tantrika


Shining One,
breathing out, let go
and fall into knowing of creation
as existing within space
and you are absorbed in that
vibrant empty fullness
In this moment your body is intimate
with space, exchanging essence for essence
balancing in the midst of vast emptiness,
know utter freedom.
-the radiance sutras

Welcome home, beloved. Our time together is sacred; it is ceremony. Allow my presence to soak into your being as I caress every peak and valley of your luminous body. Let me sing to the aching of your heart, and help you remember why you chose to come h e r e now. May we dance in this inner sanctum and taste the blissful nectar of life, t o g e t h e r.

I am a tantric Priestess ordained by the fellowship of Isis, Goddess of ten thousand names. Weaving together my skills in integrative counseling, energy medicine, kundalini yoga and shamanic fusion dance in a luscious and potent container, these offerings from the depths of my heart and soul. I especially love to work with women, couples, men and non binary folks seeking to integrate these ritual practices in their daily lives.

Wake up, dear One, to the ecstatic divinity within. You are infinite.

Honey in the heart,
Malia Marie

Kundalini Bliss Massage, Tantric Bodywork, Couples Tantra

Purely Therapeutic Offerings: Shamanic Temple Bodywork

-Masters in Counseling from CIIS: Dec.2017
-Priestess of Isis Initate under Anandha Ray & Fellowship of Isis
-220 Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher
-Somatic Embodiment Healing/Francesca Gentille
-Reiki 1&2 


1/21/18 EMBODIED SHAKTI: Honoring the "Me too" movement as Temple Priestesses ~ how to be impeccable to right alignment with feminine/masculine energies, Intro on how to self-care & cultivate energy with Jade Eggs, Tantra Darshan, Tantric pointers. Led by Queen Love, E Bast & Halo Seronko

9/14/17 BLESSING SHAKTI: Poems, blessings, stones, fruit, flowers, flower waters, prayers, songs. Bringing our magic together in to the Shakti Cauldron to activate our Collective grid for continued blessings, protection, guidance and fulfillment. Led by Queen Love, Sound Activation by Sasha Nicole