Luxy Lou

Advanced Healer & Teacher


Hello Divine Seeker,

Tantra in Sanskrit means “to weave or loom”. Threads of traditions, rituals, teachings, and techniques are intertwined into a practice that allows you to be in full relationship with life. Allow me to guide you first into your body; activating your awareness of here and now and expanding your senses through deep conscious breathing, guided meditation, shamanic temple bodywork, and soul gazing. This is a safe container to fully drop in and connect.

You are free to share your intentions, deepest desires, dreams and fears so that we may begin to unravel your mystery and I can honor and meet you where you are. No experience with Tantra or yoga is necessary, but if you have mastered the basics and would like to explore deeper, please let me know!

A tantric life celebrates the duality of light and dark, positive and negative, feminine and masculine, spirit and matter, the divine and the devotee. They are not separate, but instead, coexist harmoniously. Together we will weave a sacred tapestry of spirituality, healing, and energy balancing and exchange. I look forward to creating with you!

Bliss Temple Bodywork and Tantric Bodywork:

I work with men, women, couples, non-binary, people with disabilities, groups, and all orientations.

Additional Offerings:

Hot Stone and gem massage~Purely Therapeutic Spa Massage or added to Bliss/Tantra

In this session I will use smooth hot stones and chakra balancing and opening gemstones on specific points along the spine, palms of your hands, and belly, to relax sore tense muscles and improve the flow of energy in your body. This session can be added on to any bliss or Tantra session or can be a stand alone offering depending on your needs.

Trauma Touch Therapy and Shamanic Healing~Purely Therapeutic Spa Massage or added to Bliss/Tantra

Trauma is any event that overwhelms the body’s natural ability to adjust and cope. Often, when confronted by an experience so stunning, we are forced to disconnect from our bodies.  This session is a non-invasive, client-centered offering which combines light touch, guided meditation, sound healing, and tantric teachings to dissipate the traumatic charge in the body and restore peace and calm. This is a safe container for emotional release and letting go so that you can fully integrate and find your power and autonomy over your own body and your life.

Couples Coaching and Tantric Awakening~

This is an offering for couples who are wanting to explore the practice of tantra together over three or more extended sessions. It is a way to take the rituals and teachings of tantra home for further expansion and exploration and return back to share your experiences as you grow and learn.  These sessions are catered to your specific needs and desires.

Love and Luxury,
Luxy Star

Advanced Therapist & Teacher

Currently enrolled in HLITY(graduate in December), Tantra Workshops with Psalm Isadora, Kundalini Yoga Workshops with Psalm Isadora, Trained & worked alongside Luna Lauren for 5 years, Tantra Workshop with Triambika, Multiple Tantric trainings with Shivakti Shaktiva, Tantric workshop with Destin Gerrik, Training with Jaeleen, Shamanic Temple Bodywork Training with Shivakti Shaktiva, Multiple Tantric Doubles with Many Five-Star Healers over the past 7+ years, Energy & Healing Workshops @ The House of Intuition & I have held workshops & trained others in to the Tantric Healing Arts.