Luna Tiara

Level II Healer


Blessings of Delicious Embodiment,

Currently based in Berlin, I have been practicing tantra massage for 9 years and have received numerous trainings tantra, deep tissue massage, energy work (reiki/qi gong), yoga, and trauma hypnotherapy trainings across the USA and Europe over the years. I am looking forward to visiting the USA and bringing the blend of approaches I have developed over the years across various lands.

I see tantric massage work as a beautiful dance with another’s physical and energetic body that requires a fine tuned sense of intuition. Every body and every mind is a unique canvas with it’s own set of individually woven fibers, stories, preferences, and as a tantric practitioner and healer it is my service and responsibility to intuit the needs of each individual canvas, fluidly dancing and responding to what is needed in the moment.

I have been told on numerous occasions that I have ‘magic hands’ that go exactly where they need to go, in the ways they need to flow. My style is earthy, intoxicating, and fluid, whilst subtly working with the energetic body in a way that is electric.

In loving respect,

Luna Tiara

Trainings and Certifications: - Multiple tantra trainings in the USA + Europe - Certified Reiki Practitioner - Certified Hypnotherapist - Certified Herbalist - Multiple deep tissue, qi gong, yoga and dance therapy trainings - Workshop teacher in : qi gong, herbal medicine, dance therapy

*Looking in archives for testimonials, as she has been on travels for a few years.