Livia Sirene

Level I Healer


Hello Holy Love World,

I am a vibrant intuitive and very comfortable in my body. I have a background in dance and performance.

I hope to assist you in finding the fluidity, grooves, moves, ease & play in your body, that you may embody greater bliss.

With an open heart I invite you to share yours, and step softly into the totality of your being here with me here now. Your body is a temple; lets open the gates to a beautiful healing massage ritual.
I am a true siren of the sea, a pixie priestess of healing touch, energy reader, moon child, a fairy flying over rainbows sprinkling star dust everywhere I go.
With a deep empathetic soul, I am filled with hope and love for humanity. I am here to love, learn and grow.
I would be delighted for you to join me for your heavenly experience.


Love, Livia Sirene