Kashi Star

Level II Tantrika


I invite you to join me on an unforgettable journey of transformational love therapy. Your Kundalini Bliss Massage will be overflowing with activation, healing, beauty, and relaxation. Banish your stress, set free your mind, release your tension, and soothe your soul with my soft touch, breath work, chakra massage, and loving healing. Allow me to spoil you with my luscious, delicious connection to find your true self.

I am so excited to caress your body and soul, filling you with invigorating light, uninhibited power, and an ascension to your higher creative self.

We were born of Bliss!

I have Temple Dakini experience (started October 1st, 2016) - and Tantra Initiation trainings each with Queen Love and a previous Temple Tantra Teacher, as well as multiple Doubles with other Temple Dakinis, learning from each other.

Kundalini Bliss, Tantric Bodywork & Couples Tantra