Ishtar Rose

Level II Healer


Hello Beautiful Beings,
My path has gently been leading me to here and now.
I have spent many lives searching to find my way back to the divine power that is my purest calling:
I am a healer and I am here to serve.
How may I serve you? Your inquiring heart, your soul’s craving and your body’s beautiful blossoming? I am here with open arms, ready to receive you. With my hands holding a ball of light, my heart holds the desire to share in this journey of holy love and awakening.
Allow yourself to unwind and find the God within yourself. Flow down the river of remembrance in unconditional love and acceptance. 
You are are welcome to share with me your intentions, dreams and desires so that we can co-create a sacred space honoring your deepest truths. 
Expand your senses of mind, body and soul. Blossom into the present moment.
Sweet sincerity,
Ishtar Rose