Gaia Eden


Hello Beautiful Beings,

My name is Gaia which means the great Mother of all. In legend, Gaia gave birth to the Earth and the Universe. She, (like me) is CREATION energy in full bloom.

Holy, Powerful, Divine.

I believe that the more we learn to use our creation energy the more balanced and happy we will be. Our seed of creation being a portal into manifesting our true desires. It is with this energy that I will heal and guide you toward LOVE.

I am an intuitive healer and empath. I can help you to "remember who you are" as we incorporate: breath work, sacred rhythm, crystals, sound healing, chakra clearing and touch. I can show you to relax your mind and open your heart.

Now is as glorious time to.....

Find balance through your embodiment.

Tap into a blissful state of mind &

Reset your soul to a higher vibration

Tantra Yoga Therapist, Energy Bodyworker, 1 year Temple Dakini experience

*Additionally, I specialize in healing through the home space via, Color Therapy, Feng Shui and clearing the clutter in both the physical and spiritual realm. I also currently work with one of the top Alternative Medicine Doctors assisting with various treatments such as cupping, therapeutic massage and yoga.

With love, Gaia Eden

Available to Men, Women & Couples