Level II Healer



Hello, I am sacred artist and tantrika. I m told I am a seductively sweet yogini with conscious loving hands and a warm heart.

I welcome you to my sanctuary... a place of complete rejuvenation, compassion and unlimited bliss. Here, all things are sacred; the mind, body and spirit are embraced with sensitivity and genuine care. Make yourself at home and escape the stresses of the world. Guided by our breath, sacred touch and sounds, let us nurture and explore the edges of your sensory limitations, enter a state of heavenly flow, and expand your capacity for pleasure.
I offer my divine presence and loving energy to those who seek it. Allow me to awaken and inspire you . . .

Manifest your desires through pleasure.
I truly believe that this path of Massage Therapy chose me. After trying out a couple of other career choices, I was and continue to feel so grateful to have found the right fit. There's nothing more fulfilling to me than to help people and see their health and well being improve with massage bodywork.

You are valuable. Beyond measure. Why would there be any doubt or fear in your mind that you cannot or will not or are not, capable and worthy of the most peaceful, powerful and pleasurable experiences in this lifetime?
Your Soul chose to come here to learn how to love, how to accept your greatness and to create extraordinary experiences for yourself and for others!
Your value is beyond measure. Treat yourself as valuable and see the gifts of this physical realm attract to you because you live from nothing less than knowing; "I am valuable".

Holy Love,  Emmanuelle

I have been learning and growing my healing practices inside the Temple with having offered doubles in the past with: Kinley Quinn, Kali Anne, Indra Lynx, Luxy Star, Maya Celeste, Violet Jolie, Kat V.

Certificate in Integrated Energy Therapies - Steps to Transformation - 2017
Level 1 - Integrated Energy Therapy - Stevan J. Thayer -  2018
Level 2 - Integrated Energy Therapy - Stevan J. Thayer -  2019
International School of Detoxification 2019 Level One - Dr. Morse’s Herbal Health Club