Deva Elyse

Level II Healer


My name is Deva Elyse,

I have studied the tantric arts for many years, and I have the gift of intuition to know exactly what you need most.  It is safe to fully express yourself with me, or you can relax and surrender as I take you on a journey. Through breathwork, sound, coaching and guided meditation I am here to offer you innumerable tools for self mastery. The realms in which we can do our healing work together are truly expansive.
All sessions with me include an infusion of healing intentional energy, that flows through you head to toe. It is my pleasure to free you of all that is weighing you down.
I offer the deep soul healing in the realms of sound, touch and intimacy. I am a master of sound. I have been a professional singer all of my life, and If inspired or desired, our session will include toning, singing and sound healing.
With my voice I create vibratory healing waves through your body, eliminating any stuck energy. I have an extensive professional background in music, songwriting, sound healing, and vocal expression coaching. As an artist and musician, I am naturally creative, playful, and soulful. If you love the healing sound of soulful song, I am the dakini you want to see!
In addition to being an artist, I am a professional lifestyle and health coach. I am a lifelong yogini who is strong, fit, and healthy.  I am able to do deep massage work if needed, and I love using my body weight in creative ways to meet your needs and release all tension from your body as we breathe deeply together.
Allow me to stretch your capacity to love and be loved, and open to your true potential. Be the truest vibrant you!
Looking forward to seeing you in the Holy Playgrounds of the Temple,
Deva Elyse