Ash Lyn


Greetings Sacred Ones,

Let us come together to witness the blessing of this body, this age, this moment.
We are gifted with these senses through which we can experience the divine recreated in a thousand formless forms. I offer myself as a guide to you on the sacred journey we will share, allowing the mundane everyday world to dissolve, and opening to the molten inner core of your being, your creative energy.

I am a CMT, intuitive and shamanic healer, and flexible Yogini. I practice a variety of movement and martial arts, and am very passionate about my spiritual and physical practices. I am also an angelic singing bird, and love to include toning and songs into my sessions.

I bring to bear fully my deep heart energy, with a clear intention to be in and of service to the divine in each of you.  I have cultivated a beautiful private practice of my own for the past 7+ years. I am honored to share the fruits of my experience while maintaining a fertile “beginner’s mind”, as I am always looking for new ways to grow through my experience.

Our experience together will be light and fun, deep and connected.

Many blessings,
Ash Lyn