Angel Gabriella


Hello Sacred Beings!

I invite and welcome you to join me on a journey of physical and spiritual expression.

I am a massage therapist, spiritual counselor and tantric practitioner here to guide you as we explore the benefits of touch, sound, and meditation, to expand your sense of oneness with the divine feminine.

My offerings:

Bliss: We will work with lighter pressures as I incorporate energy work and intuitively find areas that need more attention. By option, we can use guided meditation and light touch to melt you inwardly to a state of Bliss. I also ground your energy post session so you may transition in a state of present, connected peace.

Tantra: I love to start with an intention. If desired, I'll do a short tarot reading to bring ourselves (and higher selves) to a place of shared understanding. We will use guided meditations to lead us into rhythmic breathing and cultivate sensory activation through light, flowing touch and divine oneness. Instead of an inward journey, we stay present and hold our sacred space.

We shall create our own unique, unspoken language; a prayer of holy love!

I am available for:

-Tarot reading

-Spiritual counselling

-Trauma Touch Therapy


-Communing with the Angelic realm


Most offerings can be combined with Tantra! Please note that it will generally require a 2 hour session to honour all aspects when combined.

In loving service,

Angel Gabriella