Guitarfish Music Festival

Guitarfish Music Festival on July 28, 2016 in Cisco Grove, CA : Welcome to Guitarfish Music Festival #6 "The Year Of The Campout”. An intimate family, community, arts & music festival held high in the stunning Sier ra's at the Cisco Grove Campgrounds providing one of the most beautiful settings in California has to offer and an amazing place to listen to a perfect lineup of top-notch musicians with friends and family. Guitarfish is committed to making this year even better as we continue to learn, teach and grow as an intimate gathering of community, family and stewards of art, culture, education, swimming, mountain biking and music...lots of music.
Guitarfish is pleased to announce this year's initial lineup below, and we look forward to seeing you this year at GMF6 from July 28-31 2016. Once again held at the beautiful Cisco Grove Campground on the south fork of the Yuba River.
Also, this year Guitarfish is proud to be working with two like-minded festivals , Joshua Tree Music Festival and For The Funk Of It. Hence, the year of the campout! Working together for the good of the people!
2 stages, tree lined campsites, family friendly. This wonderful festival raises awareness of overfishing and pollution of the ocean and to help preserve our fresh watersheds, rivers and streams. On the Yuba River with swimming, hiking, world-class mountain and road biking, food and craft vending, beer and wine, sustainable energy solutions and education. A music festival geared not strictly for profit, but to be directed for the good of the people and our planet. To help provide education and direction for positive change to sustain and maintain healthy watersheds, rivers, streams, lakes and oceans and to preserve all living beings that depend on it!
Artist Lineup:
ALO ( 2 nights)
The Greyboy Allstars
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