Grief relief for the heart & soul


Grief relief for the heart & soul on November 12, 2016 in San Francisco, CA : Have you experienced a loss (death of a loved one or pet), gone through a major transition (loss of home, job, relationship) or simply identify with b eing in a state of bereavement knowing that even though you have coped with it in the best way you can, you still feel that heavy blanket of grief? This workshop was created just for you.
Come join us for an afternoon of gentle yoga, sound healing and meditation as we work with grief to transform and purge the soul of pain and heartache. Learn breathing exercises and yoga poses to help you cope with overwhelming emotions that come with loss and dip into a bath of sound to ease the grieving heart. Together we will explore creative ways to express and move through grief both individually and collectively, and join in a circle of compassion and non-judgement to allow each participant to uniquely and authentically honor his or her loss.
Please bring a journal, an object of personal significance, and a photo of your loved one (if applicable).
Amy Swart (LMFT, RYT) psychotherapist, and yoga and meditation instructor, has been helping bereaved individuals and families since 2012, as well as dealing with her own loss of her dad who passed away when she was young. She is passionate about shifting the cultural norm to view grief not as an individual process to carry alone, but as soul work that is important to be shared within a community. Learn more about her offerings
Minna Sivola is a certified sound practitioner. Her intention in sound healing is to assist the body and mind on its own restoring journey back to balance and harmony. Minna has a private practice and also more

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