Gigi Genevieve

Level II Tantrika


Holy Lovers of Being,

I bow before the precious beauty of Sacred Light that is uniquely manifesting through you. You are a cathedral of many mirrors, containing the artistry of many lifetimes.
In loving devotion to the Beloved Sun that illuminates this play of existence, I will adorn the divine consciousness dancing through our bodies with the guidance of breath & my feminine essence.

Here we are, "Remembering Union"... as I welcome you home, with all my warmth, fully into this gift of a Temple sanctuary where one can dissolve and awaken from the illusion of separation.

I invite you to surrender yourself into the deepest and most exalted embodiment of what it means to be truly transparent, where all thats left to expose is the radiance of Love's presence. Let us be immersed together in the kaleidoscope of gorgeous grace flowing and transforming from the source of creation, drenching our experience in the ecstatic beauty of the Fountains of Bliss.


Gigi Genevieve

I am frequently told how comfortable it is to be in my presence & “that was the best session ever." My favorite comment as of late is "You are a precious gem, I can't believe I've finally found someone like you."

Tantra, Tantra-Bond & Couples

Trained in tantra by Queen Love working together in Los Angeles .

Also took a course in tantra with Cassie Rose at the La temple in Hollywood .

I am trained in reiki one by Lara who used to be at the nyc temple and now lives in Woodstock .

Trained throughly in massage / healing by Paul Gillard who is well established  in Brooklyn.

Took a hands of light workshop by Barbara Brennan in nyc .

Years of experience at the temple in tantra and body of bliss and hands on experience.