Food Yoga Soul Music Retreat


Food Yoga Soul Music Retreat on June 19, 2016 in Punta Mona, : Join Matthew Human and Paul, the food yogi on an inspirational food yoga, soul music retreat in Costa Rica at the world famous Punta Mona retreat cent er where you will be immersed in the natural elements and enriched with the healing powers of nature, vegan cuisine, and soul music.
Punta Mona Center For Regenerative Living
June 19th
Arrive in San Jose and meet at Hotel Aranjuez.
6 pm – Evening dinner and introductions.
June 20th
7:00 am – Breakfast at hotel
9.00am – Leave by bus to Manzanillo (There will be stops along the way)
11:30 ish – Stop for Costa Rican lunch at Fogon de Lola
3.00pm – Take a boat to Punta Mona. Register and allocation of rooms.
6.00pm – Dinner at Punta Mona retreat center.
7.30pm – Orientation and greeting in the lounge room. Introduction to Food Yoga and Soul Music.
June 21st
Day 2: EARTH
EARTH: We will connect with Mother Earth today and do a tour of the local eco farm and later learn the fundamentals of permaculture. In the evening, Matthew will lead us through music to ground us through healing the root chakra.
7.00am – Morning Yoga class focusing on stabilizing and strength-building postures.
7.30am – Breakfast (all vegan).
9.00am – Grounding exercise and Earth meditation led by Paul
10:30 am – Eco farm tour (2 hours)
12.30pm – Lunch (all vegan)
2.00pm – Earth Food demonstration by Paul (1 hour)
3.00pm – Permaculture Basics led by Matthew. Practical and theory. (2 hours)
6.00pm – Dinner (all vegan)
7.30pm – Earth Music healing led by Matthew to restore the root chakra
June 22nd
Day 3: WATER
WATER: Morning Yoga class that will focus on asanas that flow like water, then after breakfast we will connect with the divine feminine energy of water at the beach. We will learn more

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