Energetics in Business

Energetics in Business on April 2, 2016 in Berkeley, CA : Business Energetics is about looking at a business from all perspectives: strategic, organizational, operational, financial, and marketing but also en ergetic. We look at historic issues affecting you, your family or business partners and examine the overall energetic structure of the business in time and space. Then we work on strengthening the “weak” areas of the business so that the Qi flows smoothly and allows for a natural opening and receiving. The energy flow between the stakeholders and key energetic structures of the business are checked and corrected: owners, investors, managers, employees, suppliers, customers and other company specific situations.
You will experience a real and felt energetic alignment in your thinking and feeling about your business or entrepreneurial idea. We will work on dissolving how you think about and perceive the biggest challenges facing you in your business. You will also experience a deep guided meditation to energetically build a blueprint in your subconscious mind for your business or entrepreneurial idea.
Expect profound realizations, massive release of worry and/or overthinking patterns, newfound clarity and focus, resulting in new opportunities and synchronicities arising.
About Yazan:
Yazan is a spiritual accelerator who works with your divine energetic blueprint to guide you into a life of higher spiritual, physical, emotional and mental awareness. A decade of journeying throughout the world, training with various Spiritual Guides, Healers, Shamans and Coaches led him to discover his soul's purpose and activated within him the Ancient Healing Arts.
Before his spiritual awakening he acquired an MBA in Marketing and had a successful business career in senior management for 15 years.
Yazan focuses on Deep Energetic Coaching, Business Energetics, and Sports Energetics. He also runs Ayahuasca and San Pedro sacred shamanic healing journeys to Peru. His work has been ...read more

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