Embrace Your Femininity women’s group

March 3, 2015

♥ How do you feel about yourself as a woman?
♥ Do you long to embody and embrace your femininity more?
♥ Who will you be if you live, love, and speak from your authentic feminine power?

Bring your desire to connect with your feminine self. Call in your courage and curiosity to heal and move beyond family and social messages and discover your feminine truth, power, and wisdom.

I offer a sacred, loving circle where you can see and be seen, laugh, cry, and rebirth your feminine self. This experiential and educational group, with sharing and story, creative expression and partner work is an opportunity to learn to be sensually wise in your body, fearlessly true in your heart, and lusciously divine in spirit.

What you will get:
♥ Listen to and feel your body’s messages and wisdom to be more embodied
♥ Unveil your mother’s, father's, family’s and society’s myths to redefine who you are as a woman
♥ Develop your feminine inspiration, intuition, and intimacy to succeed at work and in relationships
♥ Integrate your unique alchemy of feminine and masculine
♥ Connect with your sacred Feminine