Echoes of Light with Thomas Hübl

Echoes of Light with Thomas Hübl on December 8, 2016 in Oakland, CA : Echoes of Light: A Toning Concert with Thomas Hübl
with keyboard accompaniment by Myrissa Lai
Join us for an immersion in sound and light as Thomas Hü bl transmits a beautiful sonic field with Myrissa Lai's sensitive keyboard accompaniment, while the the universe unfolds above you in all its grandeur in the Chabot Planetarium.
Thomas Hübl's toning draws you deeply into a state of space, presence, and connection. It creates a field that opens the potential for healing. You experience your individuality synchronizing and co-creating in the powerful collective sound space while enhancing your own inner alignment. Thomas describes Toning as both an individual and collective experience:
"A Toning creates a beautiful sound space in which from each individual's sound a collective composition is orchestrated. This means that individuality is expressed and a larger context emerges too. The individuality begins to synchronize itself with a larger context in such a way that everyone stays within his or her own inner alignment while also making a contribution to the whole. In the space of consciousness which we are, individuality gives way to a larger shared We, while each sound remains really important. The result is that in our consciousness, internally, a much larger space is created: a conscious space of mindfulness or wakefulness.
This will be Thomas's third toning concert at the Chabot Planetarium, and we expect it will be just as profound and moving as the previous two. This event will sell out quickly, so please be sure to buy your tickets in advance.
Advance purchase: $42 (Online ticket sales end at 12:00pm PT on Dec. 8)
At-the-door: $48 (Cash only)
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Echoes of Light: A Toning Concert with Thomas HüblWHEN:Thursday December 8th 7:00 PM more

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