Danielle Avalon

Advanced Tantrika & Teacher


Maui, Hawaii

I offer my healing touch with great desire to bring forth awakening of the heart, body mind and spirit. Our session is an opportunity to let go and drop into pure ecstatic love.

Together, as we harmonize our energy and breath, we journey on an exploration into tidal waves of bliss song, immersing our senses within a realm of sweet and enveloping love.

Open hearted and profoundly sincere, it is my intention to dive into the depths of your body’s Universe and shine radiant light into the whole of your being.

I bring forth my experience in tantra, bodywork, energy healing, yoga and sound vibration as a means to deepen our connection and offer you a space to fully receive.

I am highly experienced with couples tantric exploration, and welcome females (individually or in partnership) to embrace their full embodied joy.

I welcome mature, positive, respectful clientele who have open hearts and are ready to receive. Learn and breathe ;)

I am elated to share the space of passion, nurturing and relaxation with you as the touch of the Divine Goddess flows through my fingertips.

In Holy Love,

Danielle Avalon, formerly known as Phoenix Rose