Dance Your Life: A Cocréa Retreat


Dance Your Life: A Cocréa Retreat on November 4, 2016 in Petaluma, CA : Join us for a 2.5-day immersive dance and learning experience, deepening with yourself and others.
•Three days and two nights of impeccab ly held, heart-opening facilitated dancing
•10+ hours of dance instruction
•Nightly live musical performances
•Six delicious, organic & locally-sourced meals from chef Martin Bullo
•Body nourishing morning yoga with Usha Rose
•Beautifully curated space to learn and commune in
•ªCozy, heated small group cabins to sleep in
•1,000 acres of open meadow with groves of redwoods, madrones, firs and oak trees
•Time, space, freedom to relax, unwind, and explore
Take a deep dive with us into the metaphor of Life as a Dance.
Engage the foundational core of Cocréa Conscious Partner Dance technique in somatic inquiry around how we relate to the moments when life pushes and pulls us on our path of self discovery. Spend 3 days creating community, building dance skills and deepening connection. Explore kinetic intimacy and delight in the bliss that comes from moving with others without expectation.
Learn trust, surrender, impeccability and confidence.
Practice authenticity and presence in every moment.
Instructional/facilitated component includes five 2.5 hour segments engaging technique based in Blues-Fusion, contact improvisation and bio-mechanics for dynamic, expressive, conversational partner dance exploration.
**Content is designed for those new and newish to partner dance.**
How will you move when the brambles catch you to avoid ripping your clothes?
How do you dance in delight with the dishes?
When your partner erupts at you to stay in love?
When you get triggered by them?
Cocréa is more than a dance modality. It is a life practice.
More about Cocréa
Cocréa engages us in the practice of moving in intuitive, kinetic dialogue with one another to just about any style of music and serves as a means to take your dance to a new level of intimacy and authentic more

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