Dahlia Steffie

Level III Tantrika


Kundalini body of bliss

Allow me to guide you through your breath as I caress you through and through. Unfurl into my embrace, feel the worries of the outside world dissolve. I am here to activate your senses, to indulge your craving for relaxation and healing. My desire is to permeate your body with positivity and send you away happy and ready to live life ever more fully.

My style is effortlessly flowing, releasing each one of your muscles stroke by stroke. My touch is interwoven with amorous subtlety; I strive to provide relaxing and comprehensive touch while enhancing your senses with loving caresses. I invite you to encounter my bright smile and good company. It is my authentic wish that you feel completely comfortable with me. By embracing our true selves, I provide an authentic outlet for mind-bending reconciliation.

I am a certified kundalini yoga teacher and a licensed mental health therapist. I enjoy connecting with others through touch and find it very powerful and healing. I have been practicing the art of massage for over eight years. Over time I have learned what excites you, what activates your sensitive nerve endings bringing you to that edge. Surrender to my skilled touch and melt into my cozy heated massage table. From feather light to deep and comprehensive massage, I will melt your worries away. Meeting someone new can be nerve wrecking. Rest assure my upbeat and bubbly personality will set you at ease. During session I often like to chat and get to know you. I always have a big smile on my face, and you can easily tell I love what I am doing. My heartfelt intention is to satisfy your desires within the scope of my services.


Tantra Ties and Tantra Bond


I have over 10 years of experience as a dark tantra practitioner. There is no need to rush; lose all inhibition in my sanctuary. This slow and devoted process allows for complete surrender, trusting in your Goddess to lead you to your place of pleasure located deep within. Blending my years of massage training with my passion for restraints, I create a unique sensory experience that inspires your senses.


Have you ever dreamed of stretching your boundaries and expanding your experience repertoire? This session will give you the confidence and freedom to explore new sensations. This journey of sensation is based in relaxation, submission and communication. This experience is perfect for those who want to dip their toes into the dark side of Tantra. Relax on my cozy table while engaging your nerve endings and pleasure response

Tantra ties and Tantra bond are a great starting place for newbies. Tantra bond is all about limits and exploring one’s comfort levels. As your dominate Goddess I will use Tantra bond to bring your hidden imagination to the foreground.


About me / Peek into my private life


Near or far, I adore being outside. I enjoy camping, hiking, and traveling to exotic gardens in faraway places. You'll often find me exploring new places all over the globe. When I'm home in Chicago, I satisfy my thirst for nature by tending to my house plants and spending most of each summer in the wilderness. I always take the scenic route - whether I'm driving through the countryside or getting to know a new friend. I live for adventure, and I know that some of the best adventures happen indoors.


I love to taste and play with exotic flavors and spices, and I find comfort in the classics. I grew up in the kitchen, tasting the rich Italian food of my heritage. I'm known for my marinara Bolognese - a hearty red sauce with delicious morsels of sautéed meat. I love to travel and explore local food customs. I crave savory dishes, rich ramen broths, or the bright fresh flavors of sushi. While I do indulge in the occasional piece of dark chocolate, I am not fond of sweets. I am sweet enough all by myself.


My curiosity has led me into my profession, what excites you, what your desires are, and how we can make those a reality. I desire to build a rapport with old friends and new. I create a space where we can unwind and let our guards down, rediscovering our authentic selves. I seek connection with each of my clients to deepen trust and authenticity. I want a session with me to embody the relaxation of time spent with an old friend.

Love to you,

Dahlia Steffie

"A Garland Crown of enduring Grace"