Crystal Knight


I've recently arrived on the sunny shores of California from Down Under (Australia) waiting to share my gifts with you… Let me unveil the mysteries of the temple Priestess. 

As a tantra practitioner/coach and bliss massage therapist, I will hold a space for you to discover your own powerful life force energy.   

My nature is wild yet grounded. My touch is potent yet tender. My sessions are intuitive as we explore the boundaries of pleasure, surrender, consciousness, transformation, healing and anything else that arises in our sacred container. 

I took my first yoga class 10 years ago, at the time having no idea how this would completely change the trajectory of my life.  As I deepened the connection between my own mind, body and spirit the world around me changed in the most extraordinary ways. I followed my adventurous, wandering nature and traveled the world, training in various forms of yoga, tantra, dance, bodywork and other sacred forms of transformation and healing.  

I am passionate about embodiment practices that expand consciousness and give way to a newly inspired, connected and joyful way of living. I truly believe honouring our magnificent bodies is an act of honouring the divine. 

Dance with me in the magic of life!

Love and Blessings on your path.