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Creating a World of Abundance on April 13, 2016 in , CA : There is an opportunity presenting itself to free ourselves from the global financial slavery imposed on humanity from the global elite. We now have a plan of action – step by step implementation of a new way forward for all of humanity so we may exist in universal peace and abundance.
The time for cooperation instead of competition is here. As we will dissmantle corporate structures and hierarchical control in order to introduce community structures and contributionism. We will show the world how simple it is to create paradise on Earth.
What Michael will cover...
• Free Electricity For Every Town and Community - how can we achieve it?
• Initiating diverse community projects and the creation of abundance
• Turning our hospitals into true healing centres
• Setting our scientists and inventors free
• Dramatic stimulation of arts and cultural activities
• The minority rule principle - how does that benefit our communities?
• How to turn every small community into a powerful labor force owned by the people and not corporations or the government
• Introducing Michael Sensirie UBUNTU USA Coordinator
About Michael:
Michael Tellinger , author, scientist, explorer, has become a real-life Indiana Jones, making groundbreaking discoveries about ancient vanished civilizations at the southern tip of Africa. His continued efforts and analytical scientific approach have produced stunning new evidence that will force us to rethink our origins and rewrite our history books.
Michael has shared the stage with international celebrities like Graham Hancock, Robert Temple, David Wilcock, Bob Dean, Kerry Cassidy (Project Camelot), Dr. Seven Greer, Stanton Friedman (PhD), Andrew Collins, Klaus Dona , and many more. His successful 2010 and 2011 USA and Canadian tours enthralled not only the American audiences but also his Canadian followers.
Michael Tellinger has become an international authority on the more

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