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Confident on Stage Online Class on September 5, 2016 in , CA : Would you like to be a more confident speaker?
This 4-week experiential class is crafted to help you tap into your natural ability to speak with freed om and confidence.
Your facilitator brings 20 years of experience in various speaking settings and a Masters degree in Conscious Evolution to help you reach your full potential.
Your Presence is Now Required
Most people would rather die than speak in pubic. Today we are constantly being seen publicly: on cameras, conference calls, webinars, job interviews, networking groups and in front of live audiences. If your body is nervously telling you "no stinking way!" then handing you a script doesn't make your heart sing and it won't help YOU shine through!
The Root Cause of Public Speaking Fears
Why does feeling confident as a speaker seem so far away? The biggest fears of public speaking show up when your body gets in the way - even though you know what to talk about.
Your throat quivers or even shuts down, your brain screams, "no", your fight or flight systems go into overdrive. Ultimately, you solve all these problems by practicing, stepping forward, showing up, muddling through, but... you can shorten and sweeten the journey.
That's why you will learn to use your body-mind connection in surprisingly effective ways.
The Key IS Being You
In this unique class, you will learn fun and simple ways to connect to your self and end nervousness which creates a naturally confident full speaking presence that inspires, influences, and generates your life's impact with your audience.
When you are being you, you will shine, and that resonates with your audience.
Q: Does your career require that you share your work with others?
A: Become more effective at speaking!
Q: Does your audience wants to hear from you?
A: more

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