Clarity Breathwork Circle Ceremony

Clarity Breathwork Circle Ceremony on January 16, 2017 in Berkeley, CA : Breathing in the New Year 2017
Clarity Breathwork Circle & Ceremony
Peace Around the World
Rudramandir, Berkeley
with Ashanna Solaris & Dana Dharma Devi
Monday, January 16, 2017 7 – 10 pm
It's time to Breathe in the New Year and set the tone for the World
we choose to live in, in 2017!
Join us for a potent community Clarity Breathwork Circle with live sacred music, ancient mantra, dance & movement, light body meditation and the profound practice of Clarity Breathwork. Let us use the potency of turning of the Year, to allow in all the blessings, clear the way of what has blocked & held us back, so we can stand fully in our power & purpose with our hearts open to give and receive love. Let us send this healing breath out to our World as well to add to greater peace and ease in 2017!
Every breath we take is sacred, an opportunity to connect to our deepest essence. When we breathe fully and consciously we can heal our hearts, minds, bodies, and open to the Divine in everything. Come experience the healing power of breath to transform your life. Expand your consciousness and open the doors to a greater sense of connection and oneness with all that is.
Here are just some of the benefits people have experienced:
* Increased aliveness, joy & creativity
* Physical, emotional, and mental healing and well-being
* Forgiveness and release of the past
* Reduced stress and increased vitality and inner peace
* Greater self-love and more loving relationships
* Ability to manifest greater abundance and ease
* Accelerated spiritual growth & awakening more
deeply to one's true Self
* Greater sense of Life Purpose
Ashanna Solaris & Dana Dharma Devi have been sharing breathwork and healing for over 30 years and have pioneered their more

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