Christine Marie Mason- Book Launch


Christine Marie Mason- Book Launch on January 21, 2017 in Corte Madera, CA : There are more people living alone than at any time in history, and more depression than ever recorded. Violence to each other and ourselves continues to cast long shadows across generations. We are fragmented individually and collectively to the point of vile speech and hate crimes based on false divisions. How do we heal? How do we become more connected?
Indivisible: Coming Home to Our Deep Connection is a transformational story of a deep human journey to the heart of connection.
Christine Marie Mason asks questions such as: Why are people lonely and alienated from one another? Why are people angry? Or mean? Or violent to each other? Is that reversible? Why do we lie and hide our true selves? How do we make more love and less conflict happen? Can we make a world that works better for all of us? How might we shift our internal state and the design of our communities and institutions to be happier, more connected?
Traversing continents and walks of life, from early chaos, anger and violence, including her mother's murder - to a life of professional intensity, childrearing, and spiritual seeking, Indivisible documents a deep (10 year plus!) journey investigating our disconnection, and its ultimate expression in anger or violence.
Mason digs into the stories of people who've made magnificent transformations from their upbringing; into genetics and neuroscience; into religion. She investigates alternative ways to live together by visiting intentional communities worldwide. She goes to some extreme places - from the wilderness to the Deep South - from TED to the desert - and eventually into work with violent offenders who committed the type of crime that took her mother, as a victim's stand-in in therapeutic work.
In the process, more

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